Saturday, October 13, 2007

Socketcom Ring Scanner Still Selling

The Cordless Ring Scanner (CRS) Series 9 is a high-performance wearable solution that optimizes data collection in your supply chain applications.


  • Hands-Free — Keep both hands free to handle packages or operate machinery while scanning bar codes. Save time by eliminating the need to stop and pick up or put down your bar code scanner in between every package you scan
  • Ergonomic — Reduce physical strain and chance of injury by scanning with natural hand motions. It’s as easy as pointing your finger!
  • Liquidmetal® — The exclusive Liquidmetal housing is extremely light and twice as strong as titanium to offer comfort and durability

Performance Levels

Available in two performance levels, the CRS Series 9 works with Bluetooth enabled Pocket PCs and other devices running Windows Mobile, Windows CE 3.0 or greater, or Windows XP. SocketScan software sends scanned data directly into your favorite application.


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