Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Liquidmetal featured at European Space Conference

Nicola Belli, Managing Director of MaTech, Padova, Italy
will again present his Liquidmetal Case Study

Amorphous metals: a successful Tech Transfer from space to European industry

October 16 - 17, 2007 in the New Munich Trade Fair Centre


Information from Past Show: Euromold 2006, Munich Germany

SAGA spa

35010 Cadoneghe - PD - Italy via T. Edison 9

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Euromold 2006

November 29th - December 2nd, 2006

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Exhibition Centre

Hall 6.0 - Stand C114


SAGA PROJECT and MaTech® together as our “Focus Team” at EUROMOLD 2006 on our

stand: “…a step intothefuture”.

SAGA PROJECT is the gem of SAGA SpA, a true project lab where we perform “engineering ideas”

from the original concept to the finished parts and up to final distribution.

Today - thanks to the multi-input from Universities, the Italian National Research Centre, MaTech®,

and other design and hi-tech institutions - we are developing research in materials and new technologies

thus giving new advanced levels of product evolution.

MaTech®,is part of the Padova, Italy based GALILEO SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY PARK

and is highly respected in the field of new materials, R&D and technology transfer. All projects are tailormade and

incorporate nanotechnology, biotechnology as well as other more traditional technologies.

SAGA PROJECT and MaTech® have put together a Focus Team “...a step intothefuture”. The chief

result of this special collaboration is a new project which opens up new frontiers in the practicalities

of product development and creation.

Utilizing an entirely new material proposed by MaTech® - the amorphous alloy Liquidmetal® - and SAGA’s exclusive moulding systems, it is now possible to create products at the highest performance levels, as already found in plastics, without physical limits of either shape or use.

To learn more about our world, we invite you to our stand at Euromold where we can present to you

the efforts of the 2 companies in “REALTHINKING”.

Realthinking, Technologies and Materials are the embryos, the foundations for a new chapter in SAGA’s illustrious history and for our new philosophy to challenge techno limits and production frontiers.

The cornerstone will be laid at Euromold where, with our SAGA PROJECT/ MaTech® Focus Team, we’ll present new everyday items created in amorphous alloy, traditionally cast.

Visual Impact

The new vision of SAGA conveys an image of the unity of meticulous scientific developments, with

technological precision. Our graphic imagery employed at Euromold reveals the fusion of 2 symbols: a splintered barcode and a colourful shapeless spot. They are, of course, 2 opposites in every sense: formalism against irregularity…

black/white against explosive colours…regulation against fantasy.

These are examples to prove that contrasts can be combined both physically and philosophically.


product images

image 1_ Liquidmetal® billet of alloy

image 2_ Liquidmetal Saga Italy® Aerospace Part

image 3_ Safilo Italy eyeframe part

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