Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Motorola Z6 is a handset available in a few different formats - the MOTOROKR Z6 is a GSM device for sale in Europe and elsewhere, and then there's a CDMA version called the MOTOROKR Z6m for North America. Another version, the MOTORIZR Z6tv is a CDMA variant for the Verizon network optimised for streaming 3G TV.

The fourth variant of the Z6 is rather more novel - called the Z6c, this particular Z6 combines both CDMA and GSM network functions into one handset, making it an ideal phone for North American customers who want to use a CDMA device at home, but who also want to travel with the same handset globally. For worldwide customers visiting the US, the Z6c isn't necessary as GSM coverage in North America is improving all the time.

This dual CDMA/GSM functionality is very rare, but we have seen it before - in the Motorola A840, which hit the market about three years ago. The Z6c represents a welcome addition to this surprisingly small market niche.

As with the earlier models, Liquidmetal component includes the antenna.

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