Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement: Payday within 3 Weeks

A recent order by Justice Steven D. Merryday to distribute the funds to the members of the
class-action lawsuit was confirmed to be received by Gilardi & Co., class-action administrator on August 19, 2007. Gilardi & Co. has requested the funds be transferred from plaintiffs attorneys (Saxena-White on behalf of Milberg, Weiss) to Gilardi & Co. Funds are due in to Gilardi this week and will be distributed within two weeks according to the class-action administrator.

At the outside, then, checks should be cut and mailed no later than the week of November 12, 2007.

Congratulations to all the longs who have waited for this meagre reward while the stock has lost half of its value over the same 1 year period.

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