Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How MaTech and Nicola Belli are promoting Liquidmetal

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On July 10th 2007 at PST Galileo (C.so Stati Uniti 14 bis - Padova, Italy) a seminar seminar entitled 'Amorphous metal design' took place. It was dedicated to all designers interested in deep mechanical, chemical and physical features of this innovative materials family. Amorphous metals are metals without ordered crystalline structure and these particular property allow to exploit those typical technologies of polymers processing, such as injection moulding with the consequent advantage of obtaining complex shapes maintaining high mechanical properties and surface hardness.
The opening was planned for 9.00 (Italian time) with a welcome speech by Massimo Malaguti (PST Galileo - Director), followed by interventions of Giorgio Pellizzaro (Scuola Italiana Design - Director), Eugenio Farina (Scuola Italiana Design - teacher), Nicola Belli (MaTech - Director), of Roberto Gorza (Gorza & D), Giancarlo Peruzzo (Liquidmetal Saga Italy - Director), and Tim Taylor and Jan Schroers (Liquidmetal Technologies). At the end experts were available for questions and debate.

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