Saturday, November 10, 2007

SAGE Analyzes Structural Changes of Conference Call

At present, we ask, what is the make-up of Liquidmetal Technologies (LMT) after the recent structural changes?

Prior to 2007 and the transfer of Liquidmetal assets to Grace Metals (company owned by James Kang, brother of John Kang, COB of Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. and the recent capitalization of the coatings business into Liquidmetal Coatings (LMC), Liquidmetal contained the following operational entities:

1) Headquarters: Rancho Santa Margarita CA (formerly Lake Forest, CA)

2) Liquidmetal Korea, Pyong-Taek, South Korea

Principal prototyping and manufacturing facility consisting of approximately 166,000 sq ft.
Building, fixtures and personal property owned by LMK;
The four acre parcel of Land is leased tax-free, through 2022 from Korean government.

3) Liquidmetal China

Post-processing facility in Weihai, China to finish bulk alloy products not sufficiently
net-cast in Korea or ready for end-use

3 year lease from August 2004 thru July 2007,
Consists of approximately 14,400 square feet

4) Joint Ventures

a) Jack Chitayat: non-operational Jewelry JV

b) LSI (Liquidmetal SAGA (Plastics SpA) Italy: operational manufacturing of aerospace and automotive parts

Today, Liquidmetal consists of the following:


Liquidmetal Technologies, inc. Headquarters and R&D, Rancho Santa Margarita
Liquidmetal Technologies, Korea, Pyong Taek 10 machines (original state of art, tweaked, manually operated machines). By end of 2nd half 2008, most of these machines will be migrated to Grace Metals, China as per previous notice given by Liquidmetal, and 3 to 5 new Buhler 250 ton presses will be installed at Pyong-Taek.

JV and Licensing:
1) Jack Chitayat
2) LSI (Italian Joint Venture)
3) GM, located in China, location unknown, (aka Liquidmetal Korea) licensing venture with James Kang for contract manufacture of product for sales into the Korean marketplace, including existing mfr and sales to Samsung.

Current Products and Customers:

Samsung: All components currently being made in China under license by Grace Metal

Motorola: All components (mainly antennae and hinges) being made in Pyong-Taek

Novatel: All components being made in Pyong-Taek

Nokia Vertu: All components being made in Pyong-Taek

Socketcom: All components being made in Pyong-Taek

Apple: Component being manufactured in Pyong-Taek

Biolase: Components being manufactured in Pyong-Taek

Eurobus: Components being manufactured in Padova, Italy by LSI

Contract Manufacturers who buy components from Liquidmetal:

Flextronics: (Sandisk flash drives and Sansa Players)

Hon Hai: (Apple iPod component)

Jabil Circuit: Nokia Vertu

It is purposed that such contract manufacturers will become partners, buy new 250 ton die cast machines, and begin producing their respective products under license to Liquidmetal.

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