Saturday, November 3, 2007

Liquidmetal Common Applications

Rackets and Skis by Head®

Featuring Liquidmetal Coating

..Squash........ Tennis........Racket Ball..

Head ®Skis

Products by K2® Jarden Corporation

Rawlings® bats

DeBeer®, Lacrosse stick handles

Golf Putters by

Experience one of
the purest and
softest feels in the
golf industry with
Limited Edition
Liquidmetal FA-2

Limited Edition Liquidmetal FA-2 putter

Components for Electronics

Cell Phones

Nokia® Vertu®



Bar Code Scanners


Medical - Dental


Liquidmetal® casing
on Biolase®
ezlase™ diode laser

Liquidmetal® stylus
by Biolase®

For use in Flash Drives

Sandisk® Cruzer® Titanium Flash Drive

For use in Automotive - Aerospace

  • Capability to incorporate multiple components into a single casting
  • Corrosion resistant castings and platings
  • Secondary tapping capabilities
  • Liquidmetal is an excellent dampening material
  • Many sizes of panel nuts already tooled
  • High speed tapping capabilities


  • Four slide technology to eliminate costly secondary
  • Barrel plating for electroless nickel offers cost effective protection and aesthetics
  • Excellent conductive alloys

Aerospace Connector made by LSI
Liquidmetal Saga Italy joint venture

Potential Uses In

Fiber Optics

  • Capable of casting complex designs
  • Close tolerance, as cast, components
  • Equipment and experience to provide small components
  • Thin wall castings with strength to hold up in applications
  • Surface finishes provide wear resistance
  • Alloys designed for application specifics
  • Multiple cavities for cost savings
  • Multislide

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