Thursday, December 13, 2007

Liquidmetal(R) Technologies and Buhler Die Casting, a Leading Global Manufacturer of Die Casting Equipment, Form Strategic Relationship


Liquidmetal(R) Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:LQMT) today announced the signing of a manufacturing agreement with Bühler Druckguss AG, through its wholly owned subsidiary BuhlerPrince, Inc., Holland, Michigan to manufacture the next generation of die casting equipment for Liquidmetal alloys. The long awaited advancement to the next generation of manufacturing technology expands the applications and feasibility of deploying the Company's Liquidmetal alloys to an even broader range of industries and products. The new machine, which is the result of collaboration by both companies, is now completed and is available for immediate deployment.

Buhler, headquartered in Uzwil, Switzerland, is a global leader in the supply of process engineering solutions. Buhler is present in over 140 countries and employs some 6,600 people. Buhler Die Casting, a division of the Buhler Group, is a leading manufacturer of cold-chamber die casting machines in Europe, North America, and large parts of Asia, renowned in the marketplace for its cutting-edge systems for real-time control of die casting machines. Under the terms of the agreement, Buhler Die Casting will develop, manufacture and supply die casting equipment to the Company and licensees of the Liquidmetal technology to manufacture products made of Liquidmetal alloys on a global basis.

John Kang, Chairman of Liquidmetal Technologies, stated, "By partnering with Buhler Die Casting, we have engaged the most experienced experts in die casting technology to advance the manufacturing capabilities of today's most revolutionary materials technology in Liquidmetal alloys. By equipping our Company and our licensees with these next generation machines, our Liquidmetal technology reaches a new level of manufacturing and processing capabilities with lower costs and higher quality."

Mark Los, President and CEO of BuhlerPrince, added, "Liquidmetal alloys present an exciting technology with growing market opportunities across a broad range of industries and applications. Buhler is pleased to bring our extensive, worldwide experience in die casting equipment into our collaboration with Liquidmetal Technologies."

Sage Analysis:

One prototype has been manufactured. It is a modification of the basic BuhlerPrince 200 ton cold-shot injection die casting machine. Upon receipt of order, a quantity of 12 to 15 machines may be produced simultaneously. From date of order, manufacturing and testing in Holland, MI and delivery to end-user, installation, set-up of test mold and testing at end-user facility takes a cycle of about 120 days.

Deployment of machines to both Korea and at least one licensee are expected during 1st quarter of 2008.

One fully trained operator skilled in die-casting can operate two fully automated 200 ton Buhler die casting machines, a great improvement over the manual machines currently operated in Korea and China. The cycle time has been decreased from 1 minute to about 20 to 30 seconds. The melt composition has been improved to virtually eliminate Berrylium, increase the quantity of aluminum and make the most competitive batch of Liquidmetal alloy made for commercial sales. All three of these factors have greatly increased the yield, the cost-competitiveness and the quality consistency of Liquidmetal alloyed products.

An earlier post eminating from the shareholders meeting details the economics.

While normal details (See the Japan Steel Works agreement with Buhler) of sales and service, maintenance and parts are not even generally covered in this news release, they are, of course, essential components of such an agreement.

Perhaps they will be spelled out more in detail by Bühler Druckguss AG, on their web-site:

which promotes the buyers of Buhler machines.

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